Privacy Policy

As we respect your privacy we fully comply with privacy laws this because we wish to remain as legal company with you. We have maintained a security database so that all your important files are stored. Only a security passed staff can access you file. We only share your file or data with third party unless and until you give us a written consent.

Use of Cookies

The cookies were invented because to store your data pertinent for your use instead of going to the online database for a search. Our service will identify your cookie so that it is not necessary to sign in and reentering the details if you are on that page for more than 5 minutes. It's the other way of keeping very important lines of communication. During a session a detail can be opened with force. The ciookie information is not shared with third party. Unless we get court orders or other constrains like search warrant we give the cookie as per the law. This submission of cookie to the police or court is confidential. Our cookie can be removed or disabled if you need so.

Collected Information

We keep the record of our IP address, settings, browser settings etc as to keep track on what changes you make on website. This system is carried for many reasons including to help the user to experience the upgraded gear. For example if the language is changed then this language will be primary language. If you use other browser then it will improve the browser. This helps us to develop the site by recording the number of times the people visit.

External Links

We place our links by going to other websites. We do not keep record of that link which we have placed. By this we do not give guarantee on the quality of the information when follow the link on another website. The website has their own rules on data collection and cookies by which we don't have the control on them. URL redirector is provided in our site. If this URL is clicked it will direct to us. By this your browser will programmed automatically so that it will direct to the company. By doing this it will improve our service technology.

Shared Information

The information is not shared with the third party. This means that we do not sell the information to the advertisers, business partners, citizens, business or sponsors. The information which we share is like statistic and data related. These files do not contain any identifiers. For example We keep track on receive sites and at what time the website is used. But we do not share the confidential details with others unless it is ordered by the law. As told before we don't share the data without written consent.


Similarius does not own all the trade marks. The subsidiaries or an affiliate which comes on the website are owned by respective owners. Others belong to the Similarius.

Policy Changes

You have to follow the terms and condition when you use our site. There will be conformation for accepting the terms and condition. There is also being conformation for privacy policy. We have the rights to change the policy without noticing you. But will also inform you how the policy has changed and how it will affect you. When we collect the data from you we keep track on the terms and condition.