Terms of Service

In this document we can read about the Similarius service, so that you get the information about this service when it is used. The things which are mentioned in the contract are non-negotiable, so that it is followed till end. By reading this contract you will be aware of proper rights and responsibilities for a customer. The platform on which the service is provided are, "as is" and "as available". This is the reason you get things by seeing that things. No warranties are implemented otherwise. Every item follows the contract so that what the customer gets it is exactly how the customer gets it.

According to the contract the things which is are uploaded by you can used n number of times. There is no change of leaking your name and address publicly. Similarius gives these type of information only when there is illegal activities.

The website's information of this service can be used for personal things such as print outs and some other things. This website information shouldn't be used for commercial usages. By uploading things similarius will automatically copy rights them. If a person is using your information for his purpose then he can be held legally. As companies agreement we are not responsible for your legal or illegal activities. This is because of agreement on terms and conditions by you and we do not pay any legal fees for you.

As an uploader you have to be careful on what you upload on this website. The upload shouldn't contain things which offends other people or any illegal things on this website. So it is requested not to put these things in this website. If it is done then there will be legal action on the customer or uploader and the account will be exterminated.

Things occur with help of server. So we suggest the customers to have copy, so that it will help customers to overcome from the problems which are occurred by these things. It's illegal to alter the server and text in the website. By doing these copyrights gets affected.

By doing this the feedback system get effected and the customers are not allowed to do so.

There is no guarantee on giving services such as space, reliability, speed, constancy and bandwidth. So that we request you to not blame us by seeing first paragraph. So that the things come from what space it comes with.

We do not take any responsibility by backing up or examining your file or data. These things should be managed by you. The service which you use is at your own risk. "as is" service is what we offer and we don't give guarantee on offered service. We can append sponsored link as we have the rights.

Last but not the least we are not responsible for your data to go wrong by data corruption, delays, interruption or failure in delivery of service and so on. We do not guarantee delivery of things is going to be faster it'll be slow for some reasons. Also, when the tag is added and that tag in incorrect then the changes can't be made. Instead e can provide resource or links which is related to that tag. We do not give guarantee on dependability of the information as a source provider to the website.

These are the conditions we provide to make you aware. We also have rights to change the contract. We are happy that you are willing to use our service by finishing the last step so that the registration will do by using your website.

We provide links to other websites or resources. We also don't give guarantee on availability of these resources. The materials, advertising or contents which are there on the website similarius can't be held.